Enhancing Leadership Skills

Kevin-J-Knight-Enhancing-Leadership-SkillsWeWork La Brea — This workshop is designed to inspire, engage, and help you develop and strengthen the championship adeptness needed to meet whatever leadership challenges lay ahead. Titles don’t define leadership. You don’t need to have a manager role or large team reporting to you to be considered a leader — every individual can benefit from leadership training. For individuals, becoming better leaders is beneficial in nearly any career, role or industry. Leadership training helps you improve productivity and performance under pressure. It can also increase emotional intelligence, enabling you to successfully manage and work with diverse groups of people.

Do you wish to improve your ability to motivate yourself and others? To resolve conflict? Are you looking for training on personal leadership? Do you need to build leadership skills in order to achieve your next level of greatness?

Wednesday, Feb. 13

7:00pm – 9:00pm

WeWork La Brea
925 N La Brea ,
Los Angeles, CA 90038