Kevin Knight captivates audiences of all sizes during speaking engagements with his actionable steps for improving their lives, careers, finances and more. Kevin has experience presenting to individuals and at large-scale corporate events. As a professional, award-winning keynote speaker, Kevin has spoken to audiences of 50 to 2,500 all across the US, in a variety of industries. Kevin has quickly become a highly sought-after leadership and motivational speaker. He is passionate about offering tools and motivation that empowers taking ownership of one’s success. He imparts greater confidence, a sense of hope, and an understanding of one’s own future possibilities. He engages with thought-provoking personal stories from his own experiences rooted in his faith. Kevin’s inspiring insight and introspective questions propel the realization of one’s own full potential.



Prior to every event, Kevin starts with a Planning Call to understand the specific needs and challenges that either the company or audience is facing.

He takes the time to thoroughly understand the organization, its program(s), and the ideal desired outcomes long before ever taking the stage. He researches the client and audience to ensure all are getting a practical session with business expertise to overcome their specific challenges.


The end result: Everyone walks away with an understanding of the goals set and actionable steps to get there.

By choosing Kevin as keynote speaker, you’ll get a customized session that will guide your audience to take action.


Leadership at any Level

This SAG-AFTRA event is design for cross functional groups representing all staff, discussing what it means to be a leader even though you may be an hourly employee or at an executive level. Focusing on personal responsibility, team synergy, and influential communication.

7 Qualities Of A Great Leader

WeWork @ Pacific Design Center — This masterclass focuses on the important personal development traits through discussing the leadership values, principles, and characteristics central to successful leadership. Leadership is built on solid management skills.

Overcoming Obstacles

This NAWBO-LA Valley Satellite Connects is a deep-dive dialogue of defining what freedom truly means to you and understanding the foundation of taking 100% control of your future and living your life by design.

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